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Nogorpara Baptist Church Children Ministry CDP 2022





Nogorpara Baptist Church

Children Ministry ONline Competition - 2021

Class wise Competition:

1. Begginer Class–Memory Verse (voice record).

2. Primary Class– Draw an Imagination picture of Eden garden

3. Junior Class– Word Painting (Ten Commandment)

4. Intermediate Class– Write 66 Books of the Bible in a Frame

5. Senior Class– Essay writing any one – (i). Nameless Girls (2 Kings 5) (ii).Abigail (1Sam.25).

6. Young Adult – Question & Answer with Cross word.

* Chatro-rangni Bichit @ KATTA WENGWAT - Student copy#.pdf


Nogorpara Baptist Mondoli

Children Ministry ONline Competition - 2021

KATTA WENGWAT - Student Mock Test Copy.pdf


Nogorpara Baptist Mondolini

Children Ministry ONline Susaani 2021

29 May 2021- link: Nbc Children Ministry ltr.#.pdf

Rakkarini Maniani, Christmas & New Year Programmes 2020-21

 Fest of Harvest, Christmas & New Year progam 2020-21.jpeg 

2021 GBC Calendar of Events.pdf

Palm Sunday, Goodfriday & Resurrection Day  Program 2020

Plm,goodfriday & ester sunday prgm 2020.pdf 

Reverend Ordinationof Mrs.Bejitha A.Sangma, Asstt.Pastor of Nogorpara Baptist Churh is going to held on May 3rd, 2020.

**** NBC MObile Christmas Carol 2019 on December 19,2019

NBC Carol 2019 Program-i (1).pdf

Mini Crusade at Chapahati-1, on December 20-22,2019

NBC Mini Crusade 2019 Program.pdf

Speaker: Rev.Alpha Sengba D.Marak

Christmas & New Year Program 2019-2020

Program for the Xmas 2019-20 pdf.pdf



Women Ministry Bible Study on October 12th, 2019 at 10:00 to 11 am at Nogorpara Mother Church

Burny Hills Baptist Church Women Ministry Outing Program on October 12th, 2019